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Arthayu Nutra Tablet

Chondroprotective and anti-osteoarthritic


ARTHAYU NUTRA TAB is a combination of modern and ancient science, which not only relieves symptoms but is also postulated to delay the progression of osteoarthritis comprehensively. Devil claw inhibit the production of IL-6 thus, act as potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Rosehip in Arthayu Nutra tab  reduces the production of matrix metalloproteinase (MMPs) and prevent degradation of cartilage. Boswellia Serrata and withania somnifera reduce the degradation of glycosam inoglycan and delay the progression of osteoarthritis. Cissus quardrangularis accelerates fracture healing and strengthen the integrity of bones. N-Acetylglucosamine in Arthayu Nutra tab alleviates joint stiffness and pain. Vitamin D3 helps the bones to absorb calcium thus maintains overall bones health.

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Arthayu Capsule

Potent remission inducer and anti-arthritic

ARTHAYU CAP is a “Disease Modifying Anti-Rhemuatic Drug (DMARD)”  Ginger in in arthayu cap has potent anti-inflammatory property and arrest degeneration of the joints in body, leading to symptom like joint pain and stiffness.  Piperine in Black pepper helps in the management of conditions like rheumatoid arthritic due to its potent anti-inflammatory, analgesic and immunomodulatory properties . Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) reduce the degradation of glycosam inoglycan and delays the progression of osteoarthritis. (Asphaltum) Shudha Shilajit in Arthayu boost mitochondrial functions to helps in improving energy lavel in case of Choronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) Adaptogenic effects of Asparagus racemosus  (Shatavari) helps to cope with physical and emotional stress due to its COX-2 inhibitos action.

Arthayu Plus Oil

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Potent Topical Analgesic, Anti-Inflammatory and Counter-Irritant

ARTHAYU PLUS OIL is a Potent Topical composition for reducing joint pain and swelling thereby relieving pain instantly. Wintergreen oil in Arthayu plus oil act as powerful Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory agent. Tarpin oil reduces muscle pain and disseminated sclerosis,  Kapoor oil is counter-irritant soothe inflammation, redness and muscles aches. Mahavishgarbha oil, rejuvenating oil for maintaining healthy muscles and joints. Malkangni oil in Arthayu plus oil has stimulating effects on neuromuscular system thus, Arthayu plus oil is A Potent Topical Analgesic, Anti-Inflammatory and Counter-Irritant

CerviCalm Syp&Tab

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For Symptomatically relief in cervical spondylitis’s

TAGAR- inhibits smooth muscle contractions and provides relief from muscle pain.

Gokshru and Asawgandha – offers rich anti-oxidant properties

Hyoscyamus niger ( Khurasani ajwain)and nagarmotha – potent  anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-rheumatic  action.

Balamool- anti-inflammatory activity & helps in preventing cell proliferation

Shallaki- potent anti-inflammatory action and effective in cervical pain.

Pathyadi qwath- reduces vascular pain and stiffness.

Brahmi- potent anxiolytic and anti-depressive activity.

Haridra- Boost metabolism and relief stiffness.

Yograj Guggal- Rejuvenates and strengthens the skeleton and neuromuscular system.

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