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Neat Hands (Hand Sanitizer)

Soft & Clean Hands Instantly

Neat hand's sanitizer instant hand sanitizer is alcohol based herbal hand Sanitizer that kills many different kind of germs,bacteria,enveloped viruses such as the flu virus,common cold virus, corona virus etc. Neat hands sanitizer keep you safe from all kind of infection causing possibilities whether you are indoor or outdoor without the usage of soap and water. Neat hands rub instant sanitizer can be used anywhere you need the most Ideal for restaurants, hospitals,office, schools, gyms and keep your hand sanitize after touching toilets doors,public transport, currency notes and other surfaces that are hotbeds of pathogenic germs. DIRECTIONS: Apply 3-6 drops of Neat hand sanitizer to moisten your palm and rub front back to front & in between your fingers until the liquid covers your hand and dries. do not wash with water. 

CAUTION: Flammable,users are instructed to rub their hands until dry which indicates that the flammable alcohol evaporated.In case of contact with eyes,rinse thoroughly with water.

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Ayu Life Science Disinfect

 Prevention is batter then cure

Uses Guidelines- Suitable for use on all Hard, Non-Porous surfaces where microorganisms or odors are a concern, Heavily soiled surfaces required a pre-cleaning.

TO Disinfect- Thoroughly wet the surface with the product. Can be apply by cloth, sponge, brush or sprayer ( spot test to check compatibility with the surface) All hard surfaces must be wet thoroughly and remains wet at least for 10 minutes and allowed to air dry. On food contact surfaces, a rinse with potable water is required.

Hospital-Grade Disinfect: Ayu Life Science Broad Spectrum Disinfect it’ll deliver antimicrobial efficacy in just 10 minutes. This hospital-grade disinfect kills 99.99% of the Virus, bacteria and fungi.

To clean & Deodorize- Apply the product to the soiled surface and wipe clean to remove heavy soil, allow product to stand for a few minutes.

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